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At The Caravelle, each year, we reuse as many decorations as possible from the previous years festive season. Along with this we have run competitions between our staff to come up with creative ways  to recycle and reuse disposable items for Christmas decorations.

Christmas doesn’t have to be a burden to the environment. Go green with us!

Ways to enjoy an environmental friendly Christmas

Christmas is a great time to enjoy beautiful colours, enjoy friends and family around your home. This year, why not add eco-friendly practices where you can? Eco-friendly and natural décor will bring your home an organic holiday touch, while preserving the festive nature of the season. Read these ways to enjoy an Environmentally friendly Christmas.

1. Eco-friendly Christmas cards: Giving away cards this year? Many greeting cards are now made from recycled paper. Instead of mailing a physical card, why not send e-cards? Many people enjoy giving and receive electronic cards. E-cards are an inexpensive way to still send holiday greetings!

2. DIY Christmas: While reusing last year’s ornaments or plastic Christmas tree, be creative this year and pull out your glue gun and knick knacks to make wreaths, garlands and ornaments. Don’t have ideas? Ask your kids, they always have great ideas from school!

3. Conserve energy and resources: Use eco-friendly practices to lower your energy consumption bill. Use energy saving lights for decorating your home and keep lights on for a shorter period of time. 

4. Give the gift of life: Trying to think of what to bring to a Christmas party, or what to give as a gift? Seeds and small trees to be planted in the ground are wonderful gifts that will grow for years to come. Many stores sell plant kits that are prepackaged for holiday gift giving!

From decorating to giving gifts, the holiday shouldn’t mean giving up your earth conscious lifestyle. Use these tips for a wonderful Christmas holiday and see if you start new traditions for the years to come!


Following up from a successful Environment & Wellness Week in June, which saw our associates attending a series of activities such as Bodycombat in front of the Opera House; raising awareness of keeping active, our salad eating competition and some brave staff joined our General Manager for a morning run to promote a healthy and stress-free lifestyle, Caravelle Saigon is about to extend its Environmental initiatives by holding another competition to get the staff involved in beating plastic pollution.

Each employee will have a chance to brainstorm and come up with feasible ideas on combatting single-use plastic pollution either at the hotel or in their own home. This is also the main theme of this year’s World Environment Day to highlight each individual’s responsibility to care for the Earth. Caravelle Saigon has already taken steps to combat single use plastic issues, by switching traditional plastic straws to either metal or bamboo and serving only on demand of the guests. According to a recent study, there will be more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050. With every small effort we do for the environment, together we can make a big change.

Caravelle Saigon Takes Leadership Position in Sustainable Practices

In an important milestone, Caravelle Saigon has achieved EarthCheck Gold Certification through EarthCheck, the world’s leading environmental management and professional services group for the travel and tourism industry. 

“Caravelle Saigon are pleased to confirm another successful year of obtaining EarthCheck Gold Certification and still remain the only hotel in Vietnam that can claim this prestigious accreditation. It is through our teams hard work and dedication to reducing our carbon footprint, along with continuous promotion of sustainability practices that we are able to achieve yet another year of certification. We are extremely proud of what we have achieved and have even higher goals moving into 2018.” – quoted by Mr. Michael Robinson, General Manager of Caravelle Saigon.

Since 2011, Caravelle Saigon has been a member of EarthCheck and is the first in Vietnam to achieve EarthCheck Gold Certification in 2015. By working with EarthCheck, Caravelle Saigon has joined other industry leaders who are taking meaningful steps towards resolving some of the very real issues that face the planet. 







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