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Pho Fridays!

This month, our Friday Phở excursions continue. Shredding herbs, squeezing limes, and spooning chili into a bowl of beef phở is an essential Vietnam experience. For the real deal, follow our Concierge at 8:00am as we lead you down the alley to Phở Minh – one of the first phở restaurants in District 1 dating back 60 years – where you can dine exactly as the locals do.

Complimentary for all in-house guests
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Join our General Manager on an early Morning 6km run every Thursday!

The route winds along the Saigon river and gives a glimpse into local life along the way. The best part of this run – aside from the health benefits – is seeing Saigon as it wakes up.

Time: 6:00am
Date: Every Thursday
Where: Meet at Reception (Ground Floor)

All levels welcome
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Saigon River Bus

Ho Chi Minh City widens the river bus network with new routes connecting District 1 with District 7 to the south. 

One route will link the Bach Dang Wharf with Thu Duc District, passing through District 2 and Binh Thanh District over the Saigon River and Thanh Da Canal before reaching its final stop on the Binh Quoi River in the northeastern district. Another route of more than 10 kilometers will run from the downtown wharf to District 8, passing through districts 4, 5, and 6 and docking at the Ben Nghe – Tau Hu canal.

Tickets will cost VND 15,000 per person

Electric Bus

Mai Linh Taxi recently launched a new ecofriendly electric bus service in January 2017. Providing an environmentally conscious means of exploring Ho Chi Minh City, the open side buses also give avid photographers an opportunity to take that special shot on the go. 

Our concierge team were among the first passengers to try the new service which departs on Dong Khoi next to the Caravelle Saigon. The 11 to 15 seat open buses cost an affordable VND 6,000 to VND 12,000 per trip with 3 routes covering District 1, 2 and 3. 

Do see our concierge for additional information to plan your ecofriendly exploration of our city.

Cơm Tấm Saigon

“Cơm Tấm Saigon” or Saigon Style Broken Rice is a traditional Vietnamese meal served at breakfast, lunch and even dinner. Regularly served with grilled pork and broken rice grains the meal varies much like Italian Salsa Verde, it can be also be served with a variety of ingredients including prawn paste cake, egg omelet, pickled vegetables or grilled prawns. 

The delicious combinations are endless. Broken rice not only has a softer texture to unbroken rice but traditionally was also a necessity among the working class due to its lower cost. Necessity always gives birth to the most delectable food. 

A street food favourite, customers are attracted by the fragrance of the grilled pork. Our picks of this Vietnamese street food original include Cơm Tấm Cali at 48 Nguyen Hue Street and Cơm Tấm Bui Saigon at 100 Thach Thi Thanh Street, both located in District 1. 

Do speak with our Concierge for directions to your own plate of Cơm Tấm Saigon.

Fresh Spring Roll

“Goi cuon”, fresh spring roll, is a Vietnamese dish traditionally consisting of pork, prawn, vegetables, bun (rice vermicelli), and other ingredients wrapped in “banh trang” (commonly known as rice paper).

Served at room temperature (or cooled) and not deep fried or cooked on the outside. Fresh spring roll is listed at number 30 on World’s 50 Most Delicious Foods complied by CNN Go. These rolls are considered to be a very popular appetiser with all visitors to Vietnam.

Concierge recommends: “Goi cuon” is available from street food, small restaurants to fine dining venues. Vegetarians also can enjoy this dish. They are easy to make at home with local ingredients, or enjoy through Room Service or on our Nineteen buffet.

For more information, please call Concierge Desk via extension 20 or email: concierge@caravellehotel.com

Bordeaux Rendez Vous | Saigon from Benjamin Duvignac on Vimeo.


Ho Chi Minh Highlights

Vietnam’s vibrant southern metropolis -- often still referred to as Saigon by the locals - is one of Asia’s most fascinating destinations. Set along the scenic Saigon River, the central districts are adorned with pockets of charming colonial architecture, while the surrounding districts each exhibit a unique character, from the ultra-modern malls of District 7, to the bustling streets of Chinatown, to the leafy suburbs of District 2. A harmonious melding of traditional and contemporary, Vietnam is one of Ho Chi Minh City’s most enduring charms.

Extension of Vietnam visa waiver programs for citizens of some countries in Europe

On 30th June 2016, the Government issued Resolution No. 56/NQ-CP. According to the Resolution, citizens of the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain and Italy who enter Vietnam with temporary residence duration of no more than 15 days from the date of entry, regardless the type of passport or immigration purposes, and fully meet the conditions prescribed by the Vietnamese law, will have the visa requirement waived for one more year, until 30th June 2017. This Resolution takes effect on the date of its signing.

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Some suggestions for your exploration of Ho Chi Minh City! Discover The Opera House, the Notre Dame Cathedral or visit the Ho Chi Minh City Museum, housed in the former building of the Government of Cochinchina.

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Please click below for some options favoured by previous guests to enjoy a nice dinner in Saigon - our Concierge team will be happy to call ahead and make reservations including any celebratory requests.  

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