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June Spruce Up

There’s a first time for everything. This month Caravelle Saigon is making Global Wellness Day and World Environment Day a part of its calendar. This year these events will be celebrated in 100 countries and 4000 locations, including our very own Vietnam.

Now, if you’re like me, you expect travel to come with a few indulgences: an extra glass (or bottle) of wine, a sumptuous breakfast you probably won’t walk off. However, if you’re staying with us in June you’ll have plenty of support for your health goals.

All month long we’re serving a special Wellness Menu in our dining outlets and via room service. From organic oatmeal with mixed berries, shiitake and chicken soba noodles through to grilled salmon with Japanese rice, this is a menu that would make a doctor proud (and hungry!) We’ve even added two guilt-free desserts to the mix.

The question Global Wellness Day wants us to ask is, “How can I live a better and healthier life?” Last month I started our Thursday morning 5km run through the city, due to popular demand (and the fact it forces me out of bed) we are continuing it throughout the month of June. Join me at 5:30am every Thursday for a 5km jog through our city as it wakes. For those of you not sold on the jogging we have Detox Waters in five vitamin-rich blends available for the month of June in all outlets. 

Something that I have been increasingly concerned on this year is the dramatic decline in the world’s bee population. In light of World Environment Day and as part of our sustainability program we are supporting the change towards ecological farming and helping to protect the local bee population, so this month we have placed on Nineteens breakfast buffet, natural raw honey and honeycomb. This honey is sourced from Dalat in the central highlands where 1.7 million hectares of natural forest gives the most plentiful natural food source for the wild honey bee. Raw honey is full of antioxidants – it also tastes amazing. So there you have it: there are simply no excuses not to live well at the Caravelle this June.



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The names of very few hotels evoke such fond, romantic images, and indeed such anticipation, as Caravelle. Its breezy sound recalls its inspiration: the Iberian caravelas, or as the French called them, caravelles; fast, light 15th-century sailing ships that explored the world in search of foreign trade, adventure and new horizons. And perhaps it’s no coincidence that Air France, which held a stake in the original building, and had its offices there since its opening, had also recently begun operating a fancy new jet airliner of the same name.


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