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If there’s anything I’ve learned from my time in hospitality, it’s that everyone wants value. Whether a one-dollar bowl of Phở or a five-star hotel room, travelers know when they’re getting great value. And if you can weave in an authentic experience of the destination - well, you’ve got a winner. 

At Caravelle Saigon, we’ve long had a focus on this. Everything from the comfort of our rooms to the ingredients on our menus is chosen for quality and the enjoyment we believe it will bring to our guests. Still, we’re always striving to enhance your stay with us. 

That’s why I want to take this chance to call out one of the top tours from our Concierge Desk: Cu Chi Tunnels with Les Rives. Les Rives has a stellar reputation for service, but perhaps the best part of their tours is that you get to travel by speedboat on the Saigon River – gaining not only a unique perspective of the city, but also local life along its hidden waterways. 

Another way to add to your stay with us is to take advantage of our monthly culinary promotions. These come straight from the mind of our Executive Chef, and always feature special or seasonal produce. Exotic macarons, new Asian and Western tapas, and churrasco-style dining are a few of the ways we hope to delight your taste buds this August.

Finally, if you enjoy your time with us and are often in the city, let me suggest looking into a Caravelle Classique Club membership. For a very reasonable sum, members enjoy rewards and discounts on rooms, dining and spa treatments year-round. Even better, you can use these benefits to treat your family and friends  to a fantastic time together – which may just be the best value of all. 




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The names of very few hotels evoke such fond, romantic images, and indeed such anticipation, as Caravelle. Its breezy sound recalls its inspiration: the Iberian caravelas, or as the French called them, caravelles; fast, light 15th-century sailing ships that explored the world in search of foreign trade, adventure and new horizons. And perhaps it’s no coincidence that Air France, which held a stake in the original building, and had its offices there since its opening, had also recently begun operating a fancy new jet airliner of the same name.

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