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Back of the Bike Tours

Guided Vietnamese Food Tours and City Sights Tours on Motorbikes in Saigon.

As professional chefs who love Vietnamese food and Vietnam, we use our knowledge and skills to move from being masters of the kitchen to focusing on providing quality tourism options to this country we now love. For over 4 years, Back of the Bike Tours has been paving the way to provide a quality tour experience for travelers like ourselves, the type of traveler who doesn’t want to experience Vietnam from the inside of a bus yet on the streets with the local Vietnamese. Experiencing the sights, sounds, and smells that hit you full force while cruising pillion through the streets of Saigon is the only way to experience authentic Vietnamese food or the sights of Saigon.

Browse through our different tour options below to see which tour is the right fit for you. Back of the Bike Tours delivers our excellent customer service reputation whether you are looking for indulging yourself in a night of Vietnamese street food, experiencing a few hours cruising the streets of Saigon on a city tour, searching for something a bit more unique that is catered to you. Check us out and book now to see why we are considered “The Highlight of your Trip to Vietnam”.

Please visit Concierge Desk or email: concierge@caravellehotel.com

Can Gio Forest Tour

Les Rives are proud to introduce an eco-adventure, Can Gio Forest Tour to the mangrove forests of Can Gio UNESCO Biosphere Reserve! Your scenic speedboat journey will take you from the heart of Saigon to the dense riverside jungles of the idyllic Can Gio, via the verdant green canals of Mekong Delta.

At the gateway to Mekong Delta, you will stop at a lively local riverside market, where you can absorb all the colours, sounds and aromas of this fertile region. Once we depart the Delta, the surrounding landscapes of emerald green water palms give way to the tall mangrove forests of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

With this tour, you will explore the Giant Bat Lagoon: rowing boat, visiting a crocodile reserve, trekking through a mangrove jungle, meeting the monkeys and enjoying a spot of bird watching and a traditional Vietnamese lunch served by your Les Rives chef.

Caravelle’s Chief Concierge Ms. Lam Thao has put together a list of 10 Must-Try Restaurants and Cooking Classes in Saigon, each uniquely chosen to portray the variety of food culture within the city. Please visit Concierge Desk or email: concierge@caravellehotel.com

Saigon 2CV Tour, by Ubiquest

Treat yourself to a very original experience and get on board the most authentic and legendary French car in history. Aboard our Citroën 2CV (and its cousin La Dalat) dive into the mysterious heart of Saigon by night.

Saigon is a bustling and restless city in constant evolution. Energy and chaos are its main features and that’s what makes it attractive. In this legendary Citroën car, you will discover or rediscover the multi-faceted Saigon with its unsung neighborhoods, its colonial vestiges, its secret and busy streets.

This tour has a special touch which offers you a unique experience: the sound of the car engine, the convertible top which gives you a panoramic view of the city, the quaint comfort of the rear seats and the bouncing effect of the legendary suspensions of the 2CV... Once you have experienced, you will never forget!

For further information, please see Concierge Desk or read more on Saigon2cvtour.com


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