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6 Outstanding Hotels that Made Vietnamese History

If there’s one thing a hotel can’t buy, it’s heritage. Only those that have weathered time, politics and fashion trends can claim the title of ‘historical hotel’. 

In Vietnam, one of the world’s most compelling destinations for history buffs, a stay in a well-preserved hotel is a chance to examine the country’s multi-layered past up close. Looking for a storied address to lay your head? Here are seven incomparable Vietnamese hotels where history is just around the corner...

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Bordeaux Rendez Vous | Saigon from Benjamin Duvignac on Vimeo.

Ho Chi Minh Highlights

Vietnam’s vibrant southern metropolis -- often still referred to as Saigon by the locals - is one of Asia’s most fascinating destinations. Set along the scenic Saigon River, the central districts are adorned with pockets of charming colonial architecture, while the surrounding districts each exhibit a unique character, from the ultra-modern malls of District 7, to the bustling streets of Chinatown, to the leafy suburbs of District 2. A harmonious melding of traditional and contemporary, Vietnam is one of Ho Chi Minh City’s most enduring charms.

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Some suggestions for your exploration of Ho Chi Minh City! Discover The Opera House, the Notre Dame Cathedral or visit the Ho Chi Minh City Museum, housed in the former building of the Government of Cochinchina.

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