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Caravelle Inspires

Inspiring customers and staff is a monumental challenge that is vital to the success of any business. Happy staff, motivated dealers, and well-rewarded customers are invaluable in working towards commercial success and higher profitability.
Group Incentive Travel then is a critical factor in business success. Incentives with a travel component are amongst the most popular and pleasing to the key players in any business, resulting in high career satisfaction, a strong encouragement to make sales, and in the end, a more streamlined and efficient company.
Caravelle Saigon is home to thrilling, relaxing, and wholly unique experiences. Our banquet venues, and indigenous themed meals will inspire, reward, and motivate clients. We work to tailor each special occasion to client’s individual tastes and budget. Caravelle’s years of service in this field give us the experience to offer unparalleled customer satisfaction.

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Experience the true culture of Vietnam at Caravelle’s Theme Events. Being one of the oldest cultures in East Asia, our event setup showcases elements unique to the culture of Vietnam’s past.
Important symbols present in Vietnamese culture that is incorporated in the setup include dragons, turtles, lotuses and bamboo. Music is also integrated to the overall feel. Vietnam music is a means to express innermost feelings of the locals. With regards to the food, like with any other cuisine, Vietnamese food is showcased with influences by its geography and history retaining its distinct identity, despite influences from Chinese and other Asian cuisine. To complete the set, images of graceful girls in national charming long dress (ao dai) welcomes you.
All the above elements compromise our Vietnamese Theme Event. Each setup may differ from one another exemplifying the diversity and richness of the culture.

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