Carabinero Prawns at Tapas Kitchen

The King of Prawns

4th to 28th September 2017

Referred to by the French as ‘crevette imperial’ or ‘emperor shrimp’ for its size, and by the Spanish as ‘carabineros’ for its bright scarlet colour that matches the Spanish police (carabinero) uniform, the scarlet shrimp reigns supreme in Mediterranean fine dining.

Our chefs at Tapas Kitchen will prepare carabineros for you the traditional Mediterranean way: grilled with rosemary sea salt and served whole. Treat these jumbo-sized prawns like small, delicate lobsters and you are in for a unique culinary discovery.

For the full-flavoured experience, the imperial prawn demands a small culinary act of bravery: No carabinero tasting is complete without sampling the cephalothoraxes, or the head of the scarlet shrimp. It’s one of the best taste sensations in the world, and a must-try experience for all serious seafood lovers.

Simply grilled with rosemary sea salt and served whole

VND 250,000 ++ per one piece 
VND 480,000 ++ per two pieces 
VND 700,000++ per three pieces

Each prawn weighs between 70g to 85g


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