Gin and Tonic Fruit Season Spectacular at Caravelle

Gin & Tonic Fruit Season Spectacular 

At Caravelle, we love to invent new recipes in our kitchens and bars to bring you totally new flavours each month. In April, our mixologists are honouring the humble gin & tonic with a myriad of new flavours and fresh local ingredients. 

Try the Four Pillars Rare Dry from Australia two ways: mixed with Thomas Henry Tonic and then garnished with either strawberry and black pepper or blueberry, thyme and syrup. The No. 3 London Dry is given three new looks with dried basil, raspberries and rose syrup or coffee liqueur. One of three Ferdinand’s Saar Dry G&Ts has a smoky flavour with an extra shot of Octomore whisky, a flash of apricot brandy and a dash of peach bitters. From Russia back to Great Britain, the final G&T adaptations feature Boodles Dry Gin with either pear and raspberry or lychees, lychee syrup and lime.

Sip your favourite G&T at Saigon Saigon Rooftop Bar during April

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Ten floors above the heart of the city, Saigon Saigon Rooftop Bar is an iconic, inviting space to share a drink, soak up sunset views, or unwind with live music and good company. Since 1959, the bar has drawn people from all over the world to its open-air tables and breezy verandah. Saigon Saigon played a prominent role as a haven for wartime journalists in the 1960s. The heritage wall along the staircase leading to the entrance highlights pivotal moments in Caravelle history. 

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